Welcome to the simple travel blog. Guide to the world!

The idea is to create a simple, easy-to-read travel blog that can be built upon as I find the time and inspiration. 

The reason I started to this blog was to share my experiences, and it has been a great way to connect with other travellers and get feedback from them. I write about all the amazing places that have opened up to me during five years of travelling! So far as it may seem like just another day in this chaotic world – But there are some beauties beyond your wildest dreams waiting around every corner; if only we’re brave enough to find them.

This world is full of many beautiful places. But not everyone seems to have enough money to travel. In The Simple Travel, we make travelling easier and budget-friendly for people. Many people think that travelling is only for the rich. Nobody should stop themselves from travelling because of a shortage of money. There are many beautiful travel destinations worldwide where you can travel within your budget.

What makes our blog successful is because we are relatable.

We are casual travellers, not hardcore backpackers. We are vacation-goers and enjoy solo adventures when we travel, but we also enjoy sightseeing with friends and family. Our primary audience is composed mainly of 21-45 year olds. Full-time employees who wish to take a break from work and explore the world. They are budget-conscious, yes, but are willing to spend hard-earned money on experiences that are worth it.





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Who Are We

The Simple Travel is an easy-to-read travel blog that started with the idea of making travelling easier for people. We write about budget-friendly destinations and cost-effective travel guides based on real-life experiences. Our blog is viewed by tens of thousands of people every month. These are the people who love travelling but fall short on budget and are always looking for cost-effective destinations to travel to.


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What We Offer

We offer the following services:

We look forward to promoting and providing exposure to brands that share our passion for travel, reflect our values, and provide value to our readers in some way or the other. If you want to build a long-term relationship with us, we are ready for it.

If you want to introduce your destination, hotel, or restaurant to our audience, invite us on a press or a FAM trip. After the trip, we will create content about the destination on our blog and all social media platforms. Remember that our blog is mostly about budget-friendly travelling, easy-to-follow itineraries and travel guides. We are honest with our readers, and if we dislike something about a destination, we will address it in our content. So, take this into consideration when inviting us to a destination, an event or a dinner.

We provide travel content for websites and publications based on the best SEO practices. If you have an idea, you want us to write about for you, let us know.

We don’t publish sponsored content and guest posts. We don’t promote products/brands that we don’t trust. If you want us to promote something, we need to test it first.

Please contact us to receive our full media kit showing our pricing structure and other information.

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